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How to turn Motorsports into a hearing aid marketing opportunity

Recently we took our three kids to a Monster Jams monster truck show at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan (go Lions).

All of my kids love the super loud, cartoon-like, monster trucks, but especially our youngest, Dash.

Before we headed to Ford Field in Detroit for an evening of crush ‘em up fun… I made sure that I headed to our local Walmart to stock up on ear protection for all 5 of us.

Because I – a hearing aid marketing professional – am starting to suspect that I may have the beginnings of hearing problems as the result of years of enjoying Motorsports. (Ironic, . . .

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Hopping Good Easter Hearing Aid Mailers

Looking for something different for your Spring Hearing Aid Mailers? We have two different designs and four different formats to fit your specific market and budget. Features: Vivid colors – Easy-to-Read Text – Market Tested Messages & Formats

“The Bunny Mailer” Hearing Aid Direct Mail For this successful seasonal favorite, we have taken our market tested message and created a humorous Easter themed direct mail design that can be applied to many formats – for all budgets.

The cute humor and easy-to-read text is appealing to the 60+ market. The Bunny Mailer is great for Audiologists and hearing dispensers that want to boost traffic at an econom . . .

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December is for Hearing Aid Telemarketing

I don’t think December has stable, beautiful, weather anywhere in the Continental U.S.

(Correct me if I’m wrong Southern / Southwestern readers)

With telemarketing, if you see a snowstorm on its way (or crazy rain storm or hurricane) just give us a call and we will put your telemarketing promotion on hold.

We will save your pre-purchased hours until you are ready to start again.

Many of our clients took advantage of our Holiday direct mail promotions.

Most of the promotions are taking place betw . . .

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Last call for Holiday Promotions

We discovered years ago, this amazing format that provided s a gigantic open rate and high response.

When we first started out offering marketing services to the hearing aid industry, the Christmas Holiday time was slow for us. Practice owners were hesitant to spend marketing dollars during the Holidays, thinking customers would not want to spend money on something like a hearing aid during the gift buying season.

Not anymore.

With the Holidays comes lots of time spent with family, and too comes your customer’s realization that the time has arrived to finally do . . .

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