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5 Reasons You Need an Appointment Setting Service, Right Now

Outbound Telemarketing.

Yes, “Telemarketing” has a bad reputation.

There are a lot of companies out there that give telemarketing a bad rap, but when done right – yes even today – telemarketing is a powerful tool in your audiology / hearing care marketing toolbox.


Direct Mail should be the backbone of your hearing aid marketing efforts, but it takes some time . . .

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How to Flip “Take-Me-Off-Your-List” Calls & Sell More Hearing Aids

At Beeman, we offer call tracking and call coaching at no extra cost for every hearing care direct mail customer.

We employ in-house call analysts to listen to and score umpteen calls every week.

Is it . . .

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How to Market Hearing Aids to Boomers

The Boomer generation.

You know them. You love them. You may even be one of them.

So what is the best way to connect with this savvy market? 

I have read more and more articles lately discussing how Baby Boomers are more proactive with their health – and that contrary to some popular beliefs that Boomers feel hearing aids “make them look old” – Boomers are actually more open than previous generations to seeking help from Audiologists or hearing care provider for a suspected hearing loss.

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Time for Boomers to Face Hearing Loss

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Stop Selling Hearing Aids Now

No this isn’t another one of those scare tactics.

But seriously, you really need to stop “selling” hearing aids in your office and work harder on selling yourself.

Here’s why…

Your Customers Are Buying You, Not Just Your Hearing Aids

According to a customer service study sponsored by ZenDesk , excellence in customer service was ranked#1 reason that impacted buying decision, over price, brand and financial stability.

. . .

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