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How to Sell More Hearing Aids (When Nobody Wants to Buy)

Part 2 of our series: “Secrets of a Successful Hearing Care Practice”

Also see Part 1: Likability

After all, you went to school to help people hear and live better. Not to SELL people. Right?

Patients do not want to bother with the inconvenience, feel older, OR spend the money.

What to do…

In order to stay in business, we&n . . .

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Essential Social Media Tips for Your Practice

Of course you need to use traditional mediums, like direct mail, to drive new customers to your office.

However, you also need to incorporate social media into your marketing mix in order to retain what we like to call “the golden customers”  loyal customers who return to you…  who upgrade… and refer friends and family.

Social media is NOT a instant gratification, “send-me-a-sale-now” tool. It is a marketing medium that will bolster your practice in the long run – giving your practice authority, familiarity and&n . . .

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How to Turn a Heat Wave into More Appointments

Is this heatwave affecting your appointment rate?

Are your patients reluctant to leave the house? Or are your “no-show” rates higher than normal?

We can’t change the weather – or cool down your city – but we do have recommendations for turning a hot and sticky situation into a positive one for your Audiology, ENT or hearing care practice.


1. Keep it Cool

Now is not the time to skimp on the air conditioning to . . .

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6 Reasons You Should Be Using Pinterest to Market Your Hearing Care Practice… Right Now

I recently started a new Pinterest account for Beeman Marketing if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:www.pinterest.com/BeemanMarketing

Being a marketing company that caters only to the Audiology and Hearing Care industry, we are (obviously) a niche B2B business and I don’t expect to have thousands of followers. Still, Pinterest is a great way to keep things fun and to add more resources to help our clients be more successfu . . .

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