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Hearing Aid Marketing: DIY or Outsource?

Hearing Aid Direct Mail Sourcing Strategy Should you keep it In-House or Leave it to the Experts?

Hearing Aid Professionals – you know you need marketing and direct mail is a proven form of driving responses from the Senior market. The question is, do you keep it in-house or leave it to the experts?


Unfortunately, hearing aids are not the “doohickey everyone wants to buy”.  It . . .

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Top 5 Hearing Aid Marketing Tips for the Summer Months

Summer is just around the corner! For most of us, summer means enjoying the better weather and fun with family and friends. But as hearing aid marketers who are accountable for results all year long, we should be aware that this change in season can have an impact on response.

. . .
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Is Direct Mail Still Effective in the Hearing Aid Industry?

Question: Is direct mail still effective in the hearing care industry?

Answer: Yes. It’s all about communication preferences of our customers, which in the hearing care industry, happens to be a mixture of “seniors” and “baby boomers”.

It’s simple, keep it personal.

Our goal as marketers in the hearing care industry is to communicate in a manner that strikes a nerve with our target market; to motivate them to go outside their comfort zone and respond with interest. We simply cannot accomplish that goal without understanding their background, preferences, and reasons behind why they react to our marketing efforts.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Fall Hearing Aid Promotion

(Seeing this out of season? Check our Portfolio for current pieces.)

We are not suggesting you push pumpkin scented hearing aid batteries or fall colored BTE’s. Rather, think of this as a time to create the “fall warm fuzzies” in your hearing aid marketing. Utilize the season to increase response rate and improve your brand’s image.

Here are three reasons you should be sending fall hearing aid mailers:

Freshness: Seas . . .
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