Call Tracking

Call Tracking for your advertising!

You can't manage what you can’t measure. Ensure your direct marketing success.  Free for Beeman direct mail customers.

Accurately track your responses

   90% of your direct mail efforts are based on the first phone call!   

Call tracking enables you to accurately track your direct mail response while providing insight into how the calls are being handled by your staff.
Our call tracking and reporting service - all done by a live person on the Beeman Marketing staff - allows you to stop any negative issues from impacting your promotions and encourages the positive actions that have helped to keep more appointments in your books.
And it's free for all Beeman clients

A better return on investment just makes sense.

Our call tracking and reporting service helps you to:

  • Make future decisions on your advertising efforts based on accurate response data.
  • Respond to missed calls with detailed call-back information.
  • Review how your staff is handling your calls to prevent future costly mistakes and emphasis best practices.  We want to make sure each dollar you spend with us is effective, helps you grow your practice, and is not spent blindly. 

How call tracking works

  • A unique local phone number is assigned to your marketing piece.
  • When a call comes in, your direct mail response data is automatically recorded by the tracking system.
  • Each call is then reviewed and scored by our in-house call analyst staff.
  • In-depth reports are created to measure your direct mail & call staff effectiveness.
  • You now have the information to continue to plan successful advertising campaigns in the future!

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