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Get more out of your Direct Mail

If you’re looking for new patients, our 7 step process is proven and time tested. We begin with a comprehensive consultation that leads to sophisticated tracking and reporting.

Direct Mail Marketing

Check Out Our Seven Steps!

Step 1 Consultation

Create a marketing plan for your unique practice.
We are not a “one-size-fits-all-practice” marketing company.
But we will give you ingredients for the best response.

Step 2 Analysis

Determine demographics. Analyze your competition. Define your territory.
We are exclusive – one Beeman customer per territory.
(Be sure to lock in your territory quickly.)

Step 3 Target

Narrow down exactly the right people.
Grab the best list.
We make it easy & effective.

Step 4 Design & Print

100% customized direct mail piece. It looks great AND it works.
View our direct mail samples.
We think you’ll agree.

Step 5 Send

Everything done for you.
Shipping. Delivery. Tracking.
Exactly the right time… for the highest possible response.

Step 6 Training

Ensure your staff is prepared because…
your phone NEEDS to be answered – the right way.
Read more about the importance of inbound call coaching.

Step 7 Tracking And Reporting

You must track in order to understand what really works!
Read more about tracking your direct mail.

! Lastly...

We build a plan to continue driving new traffic through your door.
Don’t forget your existing patients we have programs for that too.

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