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Reach out to potential customers that want to hear from you. Our targeted email campaigns will complement your other marketing efforts for greater impact!

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About Email Marketing

Are you having a tough time increasing your conversion rates with first-time visitors on your site? Do you need a way to connect with your potential customers on a long-term basis? Over 90% of first-time website visitors do not convert, but with business support and a consistent newsfeed, you can help grow your company and the trust of your customers. Try our targeted email campaigns and opt-in marketing techniques to keep your potential and current customers in the know about your products and business!

Many companies have a difficult time implementing email marketing into their business strategy because of lack of time and technology. By connecting with our team, we can help you create a longstanding email campaign that will keep customers engaged and in the know. Our cutting edge software, team member expertise, and personalization techniques are the best in the industry and will insure increased functionality and revenue for your company.

For more information on how Beeman builds email campaigns and the features and functions of email marketing, please read below:

Template Library

Need help with designing your first email template? If creativity and HTML coding are not your strong suits, this is the perfect option for you. Use one of our professionally developed, easy-to-edit templates to set up your first drip campaign.


Target customers by geography, interests, demographics, or custom created categories. After your emails have been opened, use our software to see a list of people that viewed the campaign, providing you real-time, actionable feedback you can use in the future to increase engagement.


Use quantitative results to track email opens, bounces, and unsubscribes. This data can be used to help gain insights on what to implement in your next email campaign and newsletters. Our team will analyze the results and can meet with you to custom create follow-up campaigns and content templates for increased views and engagement.

List Management

With our software, it’s easy to build and manage multiple email lists through platforms you use to stay engaged with your customer base. Simply add the email address to the campaign, and our system will automate emails sent to new contacts specified by your date and time preferences.

Managed Newsletter

Do you want to send monthly updates about your company to all potential and current customers, but don’t have the time to put a newsletter together? Meet with our team to discuss points of interest and information you would like implemented within your newsletters, and then let our professional content writers customize the design, look, and feel of your email content. We will make sure your newsletter is available for review at least three days before the date it will be sent out to customers.

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